Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm on a mission

We are purging our house.  We have lived here for 43 years and collected "stuff" and now it has to go.  We have cleaned out cupboards and Karl's workshop.  I cleaned out a closet and put things in boxes for distribution.  Fabric, yarn, books, name it, I'm moving it out!
Unfortunately when you purge deep you find things.  Like these.......
Canada's provincial flowers started from a pattern found in a Canadian Living magazine.  Started in 1985.
A friend and I were doing them and I'm not good or fast at hand appliqué.  She finished her blocks way ahead of me and then I lost interest.
I actually don't like the fabrics we chose but back then we didn't have the choices we have today.  These are all solids.
I decided I would finish them up and using EQ I designed a nice layout for these 6 blocks.  There is no sense continuing as the fabric is long gone.
I would do this again -- oh who am I kidding -- I would never do it again!
I went out and added to my Sulky Blendables and I worked away on each block.  One block per day.  
I decided to really focus on the flowers and just do one vein in each leaf.

They are now all done and waiting for the navy and creamy/white fabric to finish the top.   The flowers may or may not have beads on them but that has to wait until the quilting is done.  I know two for sure will have beads, I'll take another look at the other 4.  
There is also a circle around each flower and I'm going to do that when I've done the quilting too.  I want a really heavy thread to do it as I want it to stand out.  It will be a navy to go with the borders and sashings.
It will be big when it is all done.  About 57 x 78 as those blocks are 18" finished.

The farmer and I have made a decision.  We are moving, hence all the purging in this house.  Our property is very large and we want something smaller and more manageable.  We will probably still hire someone to cut the lawns and remove the snow, but 1/4 acre is a lot of land.
We also want to move closer to our daughter.....the sandwich generation.  Our son is leaving this town and moving farther away which means our daughter will be the one we have to call in an emergency.  
We are hoping to be gone by December but we'll see how it goes.
We are not moving into a condo, we want a house with a bit of property so Karl can still plant his veggie garden.  The garden this summer has been close to a disaster.  Yields are way down, although what we are getting is very good.  A lack of water and high temperatures are the cause.
Another chapter in our lives is opening.  

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Humboldt Broncos
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