Monday, August 15, 2016

I have no idea

how long these fabrics have lived at our house.  I'm sure it is over a year since I bought them at Sewetc, in Burlington.  I decided they were next up for getting made up.

I spent about an hour cutting the fabric

but when I walked through the kitchen to the sewing room, I noticed the farmer had been in the garden picking yellow beans.  
The quilt went on the back burner as I had to cut off the ends, wash the beans and blanch them for the freezer.  This is our second picking and one more should get us through the winter.
I had a pattern all drafted up for these fabrics, but I decided to go with something easy.  Anne very kindly figured out the quilt on EQ as my brain would not kick in to change the design. 
The original (well, sort of) I featured here and here.
We changed it up a bit again!
This time I decided to make the sides 16 1/2" x 12 1/2" to widen it out and not have to make borders.
Same lengths, just the two side panels wider.
I decided to make just one block at a time and by noon I had this much accomplished.
 I thought to myself, this will take a while if I don't get stripping, so I started to sew two sides, then another sides on the five remaining blocks.
Mindless sewing is not mindless
You really should pay attention to what you are doing!
I did a bit of "reverse stitching" and got back to it.
By 3:30 in the afternoon, I was done.
Of course it was a bit breezy outside.  
Not complaining, just stating!
You will notice that I switched the cutting up on the white fabric.  I bet if I hadn't said anything you would not even have looked.  I had to.  I didn't have enough.  I didn't think it would show that much......
 but it does!
If you ever make this quilt, a word of advise.  Make sure you put the centre blocks the way the pattern shows.  You have far fewer seams to match up.  The short sides are attached to the side blocks, not the long sides.........
 This way you only have two seams to match up.........this one
 and this one............
now to make a backing and get it quilted!

I am thrilled to announce that my BFF is now a Great Gramma!  Her granddaughter presented her with the most beautiful wee girl over the week-end.  I'm just betting that Jan is over the moon.
Congratulations to the whole family; Krista, Chris, (mom and Dad) Kim, Glen, (Nanny and Poppy) Tyler  (Uncle) and Jan, not only my BFF but now someone who has the best bragging rights in the world!

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