Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A great read!

This popped up on my news feed on Facebook yesterday.  I am going to share with you and if you can, please share with your quilting friends.
There is so much truth in this article and someone has finally taken the time to put it in print.
I have purchased twice from the one company this gal both times I was not sent what I ordered.  They advertised one thing, but shipped something else.  Both times I used the terrible fabric, which I was kicking myself for.  If it had been cheaper to ship it back I would have.  I highly recommend you do not deal with them.
Copyright is the largest pet peeve of mine.  If someone wants a pattern, then they buy it the same as you do.
I will be buying those patterns directly from Pine Needles, although it is probably cheaper on Amazon.  I am not an Amazon fan, I never have been and now I never will be.
Here you go.  Take the it through and then do what I it again.

Another great read on the same subject is this, but it has a different ending!  Please read.  Yes it takes some time, but we are loosing an industry so old and that is sad!

I know you don't want to hear/read this, but Christmas as usual is coming.  I looked around for some easy things to make and found these two.  I have to admit I do love this one and just might make one.......or two of them.  It will give me some hand work for the evening.

Now, this one is really easy.  You almost don't need to download the "free" pattern from Craftsy, but you have to or you are violating copyright laws

That's it for a while.  I have nothing else to offer.  The heat is back, it is oppressive and I'm heading downstairs and taking the boys with me............all three of them.
I am not stepping out the door until Sunday!

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Humboldt Broncos
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