Thursday, July 14, 2016

When you are still

awake at 3:00 in the morning, you tend to fiddle and fool on the computer.
A new look to the blog.  The post is now featured from start to finish with no distractions on the sides.  Everything -- or almost everything -- is now at the bottom.  It will stay this way for awhile.

Another donation quilt and this one is Straight To the Point.  I taught this as a workshop many years ago and I still go back to it when I want something quick and easy.  The pattern is available here.....
I don't always use charm squares.  Sometimes I cut my squares larger and I have found it always works.
This quilt was cut 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" and makes a lovely lap size quilt.  Once again all these fabrics were in the stash.  Why I ever bought so many "rust" fabrics I have no idea.  Lights I get, but these?  No idea.
You start off like this:
 and after a couple of cuts you get this:
I searched the boxes again for backing and found two pieces of Stonehenge fabric that were large, just not large enough.  I continued the hunt and found another piece that worked for an inset.
Then I had the decision to make as to what pantograph to use.  I went through my book and nothing said "use me, use me".  So I thought about it.
I went right outside the box this time.  I wanted to "soften" the diamonds, so I opted to look closer at the colours of the quilt.  This quilt says fall to me and in the fall the Monarch butterflies start to migrate through our area.  I had it!
 It stitched out beautifully starting and ending where it should.  It doesn't always, believe me.
I was this close to the end, when the bobbin ran out of thread.  I've learned to have two bobbins ready for every quilt and if you don't use it, there is always next time.
 This is the quilt resting on the long arm.  I take them off when I'm finished and leave them there for awhile.  Sometimes I cut my binding and sew it together.  Other times I walk away.
I took it outside last night after the weather cooled down to less than 30°C.  I do not do well with heat and humidity.  Our brown grass didn't show up well in the photos, but believe me we have lots of it.
The front
 The back
 they do look good together
 and the butterflies.......
 they do look good on it.
 Tommy had to try it out so he napped on it awhile after watching part of the Ellen Show yesterday
Today's flower is from the veggie garden
yes, the cucumbers are coming.  Karl has 2 jars of dills made.  Boy are they sweet this year.

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Humboldt Broncos
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