Thursday, July 7, 2016

Quilt #2 is finished

and this one is staying at our house.  It won't be a donation because I'm in love with this.  I think I'll try to do a family crossword puzzle quilt too.  I know some people call them Scrabble quilts, but you all know I like to do it "my way".
I knew about this fabulous little pantograph called Alphabet Soup, and it was on sale on the Digi-tech website, so I bought it.  It is so cute and it will be used again for more children's quilts.  I used my favourite OMNI-V thread in the top, French Pastry, by Superior.
This quilt is puffy and it is cuddly and some wee baby is going to love it.   I decided to put a sleeve on the back for two is a very heavy quilt for a baby and maybe who ever receives it may want to hang it on a wall.  I had a piece left-over from the bottom so I folded it in half and stitched it down.
The  backing is flannelette I picked up in a store in Fonthill.  I bought two different pieces, just a metre each.

I don't think throughout the entire quilt an "a" or a "b" or a "c" actually hit one of the letters on the quilt, but it came close.

These are all lower case letters so I wanted them smaller than the ones I used.
I opted to use the same fabric for the letters for the binding. 
It is from a line called Up and Away, by Cheri Stole who designs for Northcott
That leaves me with more of that lovely "heart" fabric in my stash. 
 I bought all these fabrics at The Village Square Quilt Shop in Burlington awhile back.  I know the little bird fabric is there but only in 3 fat quarters.  The heart fabric I couldn't find on the shelf, doesn't mean it's not there, it just means I didn't see it.
Here it is.  All done
I love it and have to thank Lynda Huggins in New Mexico for all the help with the wording on the quilt.  She loves playing word puzzles.  A joint it!
Where there were large open areas, I decided to put little birds like the ones in the "blueish" fabric.    I did the tail and head feathers after the quilting, not something I would recommend.  You will note they are resting......I opted not to do legs.

 and this is our other clematis.  It grows on the back fence and is about 45 years old or more.  It was growing on the end of the house when we moved in, but we wanted to see it more, so Karl planted it on the fence in the backyard.

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