Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You have good days

and you have bad days.
I decided to make the backing for the baby quilt and goofed it.
I didn't learn my lesson to walk away until another day and in the afternoon thought I would work on a panel that had been in the house for awhile.
The backing should have been wider, but I can't read my own writing apparently.  For the long arm it would have been better to be 3" wider, but I can work with this.
I did accomplish not having the long line right down the middle by making the mistake.  We'll see how it quilts out -- one day!

Onto the panel that has been here for awhile.  I thought I would get it done during the early spring, but it kept getting put aside.  No idea why, it just wasn't a priority.
The panel is called Topsy Turvy and it is from Northcott.
As you can see there are five rows of turtles, flowers and butterflies.
Panels are always printed sideways so you get about a 40" length and a narrow width.  I opted to cut the last row off and the little bit at the top so I only had four rows. That part went well.
Now what was I going to do to balance it out.  I wanted it a bit more square.  I fiddled with the first border -- by the way this was a kit from The Village Square quilt shop -- so I opted to cut the top/bottom borders a different size than the two sides.  No idea what it was now......none whatsoever.
Shoot that went well too.
I wrote the measurements on my white board and then headed off to cut the top/bottom and sides.
C.r.u.d!  I cut them wrong.  I cut the side borders the top and bottom lengths and the top and bottom lengths the right size.
I put it away for an hour and thought about what I had done.

I came up with a solution which worked.  I kept digging for a fabric I could use for "cornerstones".  Note the "quote" marks.
My cornerstones are just a bit larger than anyone else's.  I had to do something as I didn't have any more fabric. It works for me!
Now to make a backing.  Perhaps another day would be a good idea.........another day far down the road.
No it isn't square.  It came out to about 34" x 39" which isn't too bad.

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