Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I've been cruising

the internet looking at this and that.  Some are free, some are eye candy and some I'm thinking about.
First one is free and it's from Fons and Porter.

This isn't free, but with the right fabrics it would be stunning hanging on a wall -- in my dining-room -- and I'm seriously thinking about it.  The fabrics used in this one are from Northcott and they are the Artisan Spirit Shimmer Line.  If I find a store that has them, this quilt is getting made.

I not only have a passion for just fabric, I love the new jelly rolls and layer cakes.  I'm not too fond of the charm packs but the other two.........yeah, I find them irresistible.  I cruise a lot looking for easy and I found this at the Moda Bake Shop
It is called the Lawn Chair Quilt.  
Those web chairs that at one time or another we have all had.
This would be so easy to make and the size is perfect for a lap quilt.  

This is called Morse Code and the free download is here
You could have fun with this quilt by inserting your own message
dot, dot.......
dot,dash,dot,dot....dash, dash,, dot, dot,
dash, dot, dash, dash....dash, dash,, dot, dash
or whatever you choose.
You would have to send along the graph so they could decipher the message. 
What fun that would be and people could spend a bit of time and maybe have a few giggles.
Possibilities!  Love them.

I caught the boys in the living-room yesterday having their nap.  These two cats amaze us with the way the behave with each other.  If only people got along as well together as these two little critters what a wonderful world it would be


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Humboldt Broncos
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