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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I just love it!

On our challenge on Facebook, Charlotte posted a photo of a bench pillow.  I loved it!  I asked the designer and she told me KimberBell.  I popped over the website and WoW! did I spend a few hours looking around.
To make a long story shorter..........when I was over at The Village Square Quilt Shop, I asked Deborah and Diane if they had any KimberBell patterns.  Diane knew exactly which pattern I wanted.
I took my pattern home and put it aside for a week as I had a quilt to get done, and a prom dress to shorten.  An absolutely beautiful prom dress, I didn't take photos of!
This is the pattern I love.  I think it's that one pot of flowers tipped to the side.........the one Tommy just couldn't miss hitting with his hind leg as he walked amongst them.
I had some fabric selected from home I was just going to add to.  Well, that kind of went out the window when Diane pulled one bolt out and showed it to me.  You know I love green!
The blue fabric that is tucked in between the green and the white is all I used from what I took with me.  The rest is still in the bag waiting for another project.

I followed the directions for construction exactly!  It was sewn together in no time at all.
I ran the pattern off on card stock so I just trace around everything.  It goes so much faster than moving the fusible around around the pattern sheet.
I cut everything out and then off to the ironing board.  I didn't sew the pieces down and I didn't do the ribbon flowers.  I didn't use buttons either.  I used that black fabric from the first photo.
I put it on the frame and did a meandering stitch over the top and the back.  I used my favourite neutral thread from Superior.  When I was all done I found my black embroidery floss and my "bee" button and stitched them on.
I rounded the corners of the pillow when I stitched the back to the front and then I started to stuff it.
Holy cow, does this pillow take stuffing.  I had some in a bag -- it was nearly full -- and that wasn't enough.  I have a poly batting so I ripped that up and put that in.  I didn't want the pillow hard as it is to relax against.
It's done.  All in a week.  It's time to get it out on the front porch bench.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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