Thursday, June 30, 2016

Canada Day

is tomorrow. A Friday this year, so people will have a long week-end.  The two of us will be staying home, in the backyard and enjoying our gardens.  We never go on the highways when people get three days in a row.  They are demons out there!
I decided to do something different this year and I bought a little kit from my local quilt store.
If you cruise the internet, you can find stores that still have it in stock.  It is called
Homecoming by Shania Sunga.
I'm not a big lover of kits as I'm never sure if I will get enough fabric.  The only thing I was disappointed in, was the amount for the binding.  I cut mine wide -- 2 1/2" and they only gave enough to cut it 2" and that was stretching it.  They told you to cut it 1 1/2" and that isn't my cup of tea.
Let's be honest here.  I didn't understand her instructions and I also didn't have a lot of Transweb in stock.  I opted to do it my way and it worked out well.
This is how it looked when I had it all together.  I was really happy with it even if I left off two geese.
Of course, being fusible you have to stitch things down which I did and then it sat here for a few days until I could decide how to quilt it.

I opted to stitch wavy lines on both the red ends and then I did some shadow quilting in the middle.
I sure hope it doesn't rain on July 1st!

I think next year, I'll plant some red and white flowers in my hanging basket and hope they are blooming on July 1st.

Here is your link to the alphabet.
Make sure your printer is set for 100%.  The letter "A" on the first page isn't the right one, but I left it in case you would like it.  The right "A" is on the final page.
If you run them off on card stock,  you can cut them out and then you can trace around the letters.  I have mine saved in a Ziplock lunch know, just in case I ever want to do this again.

That's it for now.  I'm going on vacation -- well, sort of.  We can't go too far these days for any length of time because we aren't getting rain.
We had a snowless winter and we've had -- by our standards -- a dry spring.  Our lawn is turning brown and has been for two weeks.  If we go away the farmer's garden will dry up and we'll loose our crops.
I'm just going on hiatus.  I plan on quilting the summer away.  I'm using up my stash.  Yes, I will be almost gone by September.
You wait and see.
Are you all laughing?  Are you?  I thought so. 
Well, okay here are a couple I'll be working on for the next couple of weeks and yes, I have the fabrics in stock.  

Be kind to one another........

To my friend, Jennifer, way down in Australia
Thank you for the wishes for Canada Day

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