Thursday, May 19, 2016

This quilt was

the culmination of another quilt I saw somewhere on the internet.  This is the back of a quilt and I saw it on this blog.  I thought it was just so darn cute, but I didn't want to replicate what the writer had done for the opposite side.
Soooooooo, I designed my own using EQ.  I didn't want it extremely large, just big enough for a young one.  I ended up with 38" x 38" so it would balance nicely.
Before I printed off the pattern I wrote the "final" measurements on the picture so I didn't have to keep going back to check.  It did make it a lot easier and it is something I'll be doing again.
I also wrote on the pattern where my elephants were going to be case a senior moment happened!
After several attempts at finding the right fabrics, I finally had them.  I have two spare large pieces that when they came home, I decided just didn't work.
I only used two fabrics for the background and changed my mind again for the elephants.  The medium grey for the elephants has a herringbone pattern, so it gives some "oomph" to the gentle giants.  It also goes really well with the one that is different from all the rest.  I auditioned everything on my flannel wall before I fused my fusible web to the fabric.  No sense in loosing anything at the cost of fabric today. 
I used my ruler for placement and it worked out well.  I kept notes on this one so I can do it again.

I had most of the quilt sewn together but I did leave this piece until all the fusing and the blanket stitch were done.  I don't like having a huge piece to navigate around when I'm sewing down the appliqué.  This is much easier.
and this is it!
Elephants on Parade.
It needs to be quilted now, but first a backing.  I have a great length of one of the first grey fabrics I bought, but it isn't wide enough.  I'm hoping the light grey from the front will yield enough for a strip .
Wait til you see the quilting!  

It's a long week-end in Canada starting on Friday.  They always call it the first long week-end of the summer although summer hasn't arrived and spring hasn't either!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Humboldt Broncos
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