Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It doesn't get any

easier than this.
I found the cutest fabric one day while browsing and bought the rest of the bolt.  There was less than a metre and I had no idea what I was going to do with it.
I came home and a few days later our daughter called to ask "Do you have any baby quilts?"  I had just dropped off numerous quilts to Ronald McDonald house but my girls never think about quilts until I don't have any.
I was instructed to just use my scraps.  I don't own scraps.  I own yardage!
I decided to make something simple, easy and made the pattern up as I went along.  This was the result.
Even Tommy liked it --  and it is dogs!
My mani-pedi gal asked me if I ever sold quilts and I said yes I did.  I told her I don't make them large and gave her a price.  
I made up another quilt using just about the same pattern as the first.
I did purchase some new fabrics for this one.  The dark green, the strip and the orange/gold/dotted fabric.
I already had enough border fabric from the first quilt which is a co-ordinate with the centre piece.

The  centre piece was cut 21 1/2" square.
The first border is 1 1/2"
second border is 1 1/2"
third border is 2"
and the orange I cut at 1 3/4".
The border fabric was cut along the edge where the orange/red braid design is.
I made this quilt slightly different than the first one
The first quilt I sewed the borders -- top and bottom
and then the two sides.
The second quilt I sewed the top, then side one, then the bottom, then the other side.  Like you would sew a log cabin.
I decided to sew the orange/yellow fabric to the narrow border strip to make it wider 
and I added green squares to the corners the size of the border fabric.  I think it came out to about 4 1/4"~~ not sure because I didn't write it down.
Both quilts measure about 36 x 36.  One will have a blue backing, one will have a soft green.
Easiest quilt I ever made and it was put together in an afternoon.
The quilting took a couple of hours.  
Then I sat and bound it on a Saturday evening while the television was on.  I think we were watching Coast Australia and then Vera..........we are big PBS fans in this house.
A spring snowstorm came through the afternoon before these photos were snapped.  
It wasn't a cold day when I went out to get these......quite beautiful as a matter of fact.
Spring is strange here.  We can have days of glorious weather and then get hit with snow.  You can't count on anything until the middle of May and even then we can have weird weather the long week-end at the end of that month.

 Behind the quilt and between those two sticks, the farmer's garlic is coming up.  It looks to be a good crop again.  Our son will love to know that.
I think the crocuses were wondering what happened.    By day's end they were their beautiful selves again.  The snowdrops are all finished for this year and the daffodils are budding.  Better weather will follow this and any other storm that comes along.

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Humboldt Broncos
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