Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I'm nearly caught up

I really didn't want to step away from the long arm during the learning curve, so some things have been taking a back seat.
I took a couple of days to catch up with my block of the month.  As I was already behind at the end of March, I decided to do March and April at the same time.  I'm using the same blue and green thread throughout so it meant only loading up the machine once.
I traced them out and they sat around for a couple of evenings and then I finally cut them out.  The next day instead of loading a quilt, I fused everything together and started to sew the pieces down.
I was really happy with the "C" block.........crocuses!
The colours I used are pretty much the same as the crocuses in our flower beds.  They were pretty darn nice this year.   I used two different purple fabrics from my stash for the petals of the flower.  I didn't want them noticeably different, just a tiny bit. I really am happy with how it turned out.

The letter "D" was not what I expected.  It is for "dandelion" and I didn't have a lot of yellow in the house.  I opted for three different fabrics but they "died" on the background.  I should have known they would, but I persisted with the fabrics.
 Do you see what I mean about it dying?  Just sits there and doesn't say a word!
I did use two different greens for the stems, leaves and that tiny little heart shape right at the bottom.  That did work!

I thought maybe some stitching would help, but it didn't and then I thought, what about coloured pencils?  I didn't have the right colour, so I dug out the crayons and really crayoned heavily on the fabric.  I pressed it and then did it again.  The difference was like night and day.   A block saved by a little ingenuity!  Put this one in your "tip" file.
The flowers can now be seen.  They pop off the background.
These are the first four all done and put away.  I will do May and June sometime in June unless May is something out of this world and I just can't put it aside.

Have you noticed with the print out that we are also getting lower case letters?  I'm thinking of how I'm going to do my borders on this quilt.
I'm going to draft something up on EQ and see if it will work.  I'll let you know

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Humboldt Broncos
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