Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finally done!

The blocks have been in a box for 5 years, disliked and forgotten until I found them one day and really liked them this time.  I wrote about it here.
I finally found a panto that I liked to quilt it with.  I put it on the frame one afternoon and that night went downstairs and an hour and a half later it was done.  I was originally going to use my all time favourite turquoise thread and then I changed my mind.  I opted for the new OMNI-V thread from Superior.  I picked it up from Anita one day when I was over.  It is called French is a fabulous thread.  I decided to use it top and bottom.

The pantograph I used is from Digi-tech Designs and it is called Ginger Flower.  There are a number of "Ginger" patterns and I love them all.  This one was perfect for this quilt in my humble opinion.  I didn't want too much quilting.  I didn't want farm animals, and caterpillars just weren't working for me.  I opted to try to replicate the flower right in the centre.  I made the panto 8" and it kind of stretched it out, but I thought 10" was a bit large for a small quilt.
 This is the pantograph on the machine as it is being stitched out.  Some day when I'm so much better at this I'll show you how this all comes together.

 This is the reason for the variegated cream pastry thread.  It just blended so well on the back and it "wasn't in your face" on the top.

This is sheer co-incidence that the flower landed right on the bunny.  
Bound and ready for donation or perhaps a baby gift.  I may hold on to this one for a bit.

 Yes, it is definitely going to be hanging in my sewing room for awhile.  I can always make another one for donation or for that special baby.

Have you had your Big Mac today?  
It's McHappy Day at McDonald's Restaurants across Canada.  
I even bought a new pair of socks!

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Humboldt Broncos
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