Thursday, April 14, 2016

These are presentable

and are the first baby quilts off the long arm.  There will be more.
This was a small piece of fabric I found at Sewetc., so I bought it along with a solid for the backing.  I found a cute panto I really wanted to try before I put it on a bigger quilt.
The pantograph is called "Groove" and it is from Willow Leaf Studio.  I have an "owl" quilt I want to put these trees on.  The tree on the fabric and the tree in the panto are pretty much the same.
Rules are made to be broken and I have probably broken just about all of them when it comes to quilting.  Quilt Police would never approve of me.
I used a new thread from Superior Threads.  OMNI-V!  Love it!  This was a variegated thread in white tones, #9002.   I had purchased a very light blue to quilt this with and then changed my mind.
According to the experts you are not suppose to use one thread on the top and another on the bottom.  Your thread is suppose to meet in the batting when everything is perfect.
You can see that it didn't.  The brown thread from the back came through to the front.  Guess what.  I like that effect.  It gives the "tree" a bit of dimension, in my humble opinion.  Kind of like a birch tree.
The back is quilted with So Fine #424, chocolate

The second quilt was the first off the frame.  I wanted fish for a little baby quilt -- that I messed up -- but I really wanted to try the pantograph, which is called "Guppy" and it is from Intelligent Quilting.  I'm glad I bought this one as it will be used again and for the price I paid I won't go broke.
I wanted "water" looking fabric and this was on the shelf so I bought what was left on the bolt.  I'm sure I can find something else to do with the rest of it.
The thread on this quilt is a King Tut#968 which is called "Fig".  I used a So Fine in the bobbin that matched the backing fabric.

I'm donating these quilts to Healthy Babies, Healthy Children, here in my hometown.  Between my vets office, Ronald McDonald House and this charity, I will be keeping my machine busy.

I only use one kind of batting in my machine.  After seeing other brands I have found that this one doesn't leave as much lint behind as other brands.  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20.

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