Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A grove of owl

I wrote about this quilt here and one day I decided it was time to get it quilted.  I had selected the pantograph "Grove" for this one.  No particular reason except I do believe owls sit in trees!  I also really like this panto.
After using the pantograph on another quilt I knew it had to be closer together so I made the rows 8" and from the start of one row to the start of another measured down 6 1/2".  If you aren't a long arm quilter, I know this makes no sense to you at all.
One day I'll take photos so you will understand.
This was the pantograph and I know you have seen it before.  It is closer together this time.  I'm learning!

I don't have a lot of blue thread.  This is my recent purchase and it is lovely to work with.  NO lint!  Bonus for a long arm quilter.  It is from Cotton Mill Threadworks and this is OMNI ~~6000 yards of it.  Well, okay there was that much when I started the quilt. The colour number is 3107 and it is called New England blue.
I used a So Fine in the bobbin almost the same colour.

I quilted the rows closer together and it ended up with a few of them.  5 or 6.  Sorry I don't honestly remember.
 The tension was perfect!  A long arm quilters delight!

Of course, something has to happen.  See where the machine sits.  That is where I ran out of bobbin thread!  Fortunately, I had a bobbin pre-wound, so out with the empty ~~ in with the full!

 This is the front of the quilt after trimming.  The binding is sewn on now and I plan on taking it to stitch and chat to finish it off.

The backing isn't quite centered but close enough.  I would rather have the first section near the top than the bottom section cut off.  Maybe next time it will be perfect.  I know what I did wrong and it can be corrected!
Not bad for the first one.  Many more to come!

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Humboldt Broncos
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