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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The price of fabric

has gone up........a lot!
But before I begin, let's back up to yesterday
I wrote to Hoffman Fabrics and told them about the pattern.  The lack of proper cutting, the lack of visuals and if a beginner tried it, they would be so frustrated and probably toss the quilt somewhere!
They wrote back and apologized and told me the pattern has been corrected.
I went over and gave it a quick read.  
I don't recommend this pattern to a beginner.  There are no visuals/pictures on how to sew the quilt together and it is an on point quilt.
The assembly instructions are poorly written and the binding directions are a little odd.  To be frank it should be pulled from the website.
Okay, I'm done with we go with today's blog.
I went to a sale last month at the Oakville Sewing Centre and noticed one meter of fabric was now just about $20.00 a meter.  I'm going to have to really start to be frugal.
The backing for a quilt is never wide enough for me.  I can do it for a toddler quilt, but lap quilts always need more width.  From now on I'm only buying the length I need.
The Snowbound quilt measures out to about 49 x 59 and I have to add 8" to the sides and the bottom. I opted to only buy the length which calculates out to
 inches and divided by 39 comes to 1.7 meters
I am taking left-overs from the front and sewing them the length of the quilt.
All those little trimmings from the corners of the snowball blocks are being put to good use.
Yes, I do get help now and then.
I sat at the machine one night and it was like doing a jelly roll race......I kept going and going and going.
until I had this
and then I changed my mind.  I wasn't careful enough sewing them together and in some spots it didn't join properly.  
I also thought it was a lot of batik and would the long arm machine skip stitches when it may hit some wax residue on the top and the back.  Not worth it.
So I went to the store with the background fabric in hand and found this!
which matches the blue colour in the background fabric almost to perfection
I ended up with this.
One wide cut on the side, an insert of 3", then 7", then another 3" and the remainder
of the fabric.  
It's good to go!

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Jennifer said...

It is good to go indeed! I once used the last of some pinwheels on the back of a quilt......they were inserted into a solid strip. I wasn't going to waste them!

by Maya Angelou

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