Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One of my challenges

for the month of February was to get a lot of quilts quilted!
I wrote about this quilt way back in 2014 and it still say here.  I finally booked it with Deborah at the Village Square Quilt Shop to get it quilted.
All I had to do was press it!  Sheesh...........I could have made another quilt in that length of time.

I can happily report it is now finished.  
I got it back last week and after two evenings the binding was done.  I added a sleeve in case we want to hang it.
Yes we got snow!  Lots and lots of snow.  It was really our first good snowfall and it waited until March the 1st to arrive.  So glad that March came in like a lion
now she can go out like a lamb.

Of course, you lay the quilt down and the snow somehow magically appears all over it.  The back I get, but on the front?
 I still need to put seed beads on for the eyes, but I wanted this much done to photograph the quilt while we still had snow on the ground.  It isn't suppose to last!
Strange how you remember things.  I know where I bought the backing for this.  A store that is no longer in our Town.  I like it and there is sort of stippling on the back.
I thought at one time, I could quilt this from the back sewing on those lines...........but then along came long arms and why would I put myself through that.

I took 10 minutes out of my busy, busy schedule and glued the seed beads on.  "The farmer" asked me if I was going to sew them on and I looked at him with that expression..........

It will be rolled and stored until this coming Christmas when I will hang it on the dining-room wall for all to see.
After 14 years I would say it is darn well high time!

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Humboldt Broncos
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