Wednesday, March 23, 2016

and then......

it was time to make the backing.  I wanted to use up what I could from the front so I started with
what appears to be a panel but really wasn't and some dragonflies on top and the green lilies on the bottom.  It measured about 72" when sewn together.
This was the second one.
I reversed the lilies and the dragonflies and sewed them to the blue fabric that was used for the sashing on the front.  Boy, I sure bought enough of that!
I bought this green fabric in PEI and when I got home I did the "I wonder why" bit and put it away.  1 meter of fabric I didn't like!
and the final "panel" using up some more of the bits from the front.
Time to make decisions as to what to do next.  I decided to cut 6" from one side of the green the entire length and trim them to 72".
I added one piece to one side of the bull rushes fabric and the other 8" to the other side and also to the final panel I made with the pink lilies
Then I had one seam left to join on.
My result was this............
I have no idea of the width but the length is more than enough.  I will measure to make sure when I get a few spare minutes.
Supper was ready when I had this all pressed so I had to stop.
While I puddled away with this
I made myself a Superior shelf!!!!
I cleared off one shelf from this cabinet
and put my Superior Threads out so they are visible and in their proper places.
So Fine #30, King Tut, Bottom Line, Masterpiece, Fantastico, So Fine #50 and the new OMNI-V
More of that is coming soon.  I love that thread!
at the right hand side is a cone of thread of unknown making 
and the few Glide threads I own and will own for many years to come.
I need a long arm!
This is a bit lengthy so I'm going to post it and then you can read it over the next few days.
It is a really good posting about backings and well worth the read. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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