Wednesday, February 17, 2016

January blocks are done

I started with the easiest block.  I wanted a week to do the stained glass quilt because I'm slow with paper piecing.
I decided to work outside my comfort zone on the appliqué blocks.  I thought blue for the letters and yes they will all be from the same fabric.  The photo for the directions were a pink flower so I opted to use that too.  Two colours I rarely use.
I found the perfect background fabric.  It has pins on it!  It is from Andover Fabrics and designed by Renee Nanneman of Need'llove Designs.  Check out her website which is at the bottom of the page on the link.
An evening of work took me as far as this and an hour of machine stitching and it was done.
When the whole quilt is done, I think I'll add some seed beads to the centre of the flower.
I enjoyed doing this one......not like.....the block from eternity!
 I know how to paper piece, even if I do it my way.  I made a huge mistake choosing black thread to sew the pieces together and when I did the final join, the stitching was visible.
I decided to remove it and then I had trouble.  I have no idea what happened but even with very careful pinning some of the "leading" is off.
The instructions or lack of, if you will, is frustrating.  This is not for a newbie.  It took me a week of off and on sewing to get it done.  My friend who has done a lot of paper piecing took an entire day to just sew the sections.  I'm thinking maybe she took part of another day to sew the borders on.  I'm keeping this one and will set it aside.
I have heard from my friend after she did her block and she isn't happy either.  Maybe this won't be continued.  I shall see!
It is a waste of fabric, ink, paper, time.
It became a major decision as to whether to continue or not, so I opted for not!  I went online and found a paper piecing pattern I think I can do things with.  Not what the creator own thing.
This is where I found it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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