Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's my all time favourite

baby quilt.  I found the blocks somewhere in my sewing room and although I didn't like them the first time around, I love them now.
 I had the eyes to do and I did them with my machine.  I used a Superior So Fine #50 thread and I just kept sewing round and round until the area was filled in.
When that was all done, I joined the blocks together and then added the flower and the caterpillar, which was with the pattern.  I guess I changed my mind on that little one from another time.
I opted for cream and turquoise surprise there.  I didn't have the blocks with me when I bought the fabric but they sure work well.
I introduced the cream and turquoise for the borders into the centre of the quilt, so those colours didn't look like an after thought.  They are, but the recipient doesn't need to know that.
 While I was working on this my back was acting up so I took it very slowly.  I do better standing than sitting while my arthritis pays a return visit, and it was great for cutting my borders.  This photo shows the first three...........all cut 2 1/2" wide.

I had to leave it overnight before I could finish it up.  I noticed in a couple of spots I hadn't left enough tail of thread and the stitching was coming out.  I came up with a solution
I started the sewing with a leader and ended with a scrap of fabric.  I did the same on both "final" borders.  I can either clip them off before I attach the last border or I can leave them and clip them off after.  I will be doing stay stitching around the entire quilt to hold the stitching until I can get it quilted.
All my "leaders" and "enders" are the clippings from my bindings.  I sew my lengths together on a 
45 ° angle.  I throw all the trimmed bits into a mug and when I need a new leader I just take a couple of them out and start sewing.  I like two layers of fabric for leaders.  I have no idea why.
The borders are done and the quilt has been stay stitched.  I took a day and made a backing and cut the binding.
I enlarged the bunny from the front and put him almost in the centre.
I think I'm handing this over to Anne to do her thing!  I could custom quilt, but uh, no it isn't going to happen in my cold basement.
 The most recent photos of Buddy and Tommy........Buddy was helping to make the bed
and Tommy came along later and was playing hide and seek with Karl
That's it for this month.
My week off is here.
See you in March
Enjoy the extra day this month.  Another sewing day.  What shall I do?  

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Humboldt Broncos
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