Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Log cabins in miniature

I'm going to start with an idea that I posted in the last column before Christmas.  This is a 3" finished log cabin block, sandwiched with fusible fleece.  On the back I put a piece of fabric that has been around for quite awhile.  I used some of my favourite fabrics to make this one.

The log cabin print out is here.  
I am not going to give you directions on how to do paper piecing, as I do it differently from other people.  I found a way that works for me and I stick with it.  
Most times it doesn't fail me......most times.
I will give you my cutting instructions for the widths of each strip.  It is quite simple.
Centre piece is cut:2" x 2"
The first 8 strips around the cabin are cut:1 1/4" by enough length to cover the section you are doing.
The final four are cut slightly wider as you want them to be large enough to go to the edge which includes your 1/4" seam allowance: 2"wide by 5"long
A few emails went back and forth between Anne and I.  I was looking for more fabric with large words on it for the backing.  If the decoration swings round on the tree I wanted something nice on the back.  Anne wrote and suggested embroidery, which I can do and I thanked her for the suggestion.
Then!!   a light bulb moment.  I thought why not cross stitch them.  I have many evenings in January that I can do it and I won't be nibbling on whatever is lying about the house.
I decided to try something in EQ when another light bulb moment hit!  Why not check the internet and I did and found a wonderful site that offers FREE patterns.  
Look what I found
All I need is the word JOY, nothing else and that is doable.  My mind is already whirling for the decoration for 2017.  I know I'm such a pain in the neck!
Then I went shopping for something totally not related to this project.  I found a fabulous fabric in our local store and bought a meter of it.  I know it will be used again.
I have one more freebie for you.  It's a free download from Quiltmaker -- my favourite quilting magazine.   Follow the directions and you will have a magazine in your computer to read anytime you want.

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