Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

I mentioned change just before the holidays and change I did!
A whole new look for a whole new year.  A year that will see changes in blog posts too.  
I have offered a challenge on Facebook and 24 women jumped at the chance.
As I'm the leader, I am committed to join them in our quest
of cleaning out our sewing rooms!

I have my three for the month of January chosen, two for the long arm and one to start.  The batting has to be cut and sewn for the two quilts and on the 13th of January they will be done except for binding!  You have no idea the relief that washed over me as I typed that!
I am also committing myself to new blocks of the month.
Here they are.......
you must love stained glass and you must love paper piecing to do this one.  There is a lot of paper piecing!
I have the black in the house ~~ now!  I bought black cotton as black batik is not as readily available as one would like it to be.  I am following her coloring to make my life easier.
Block of the month number 2
is very different from BOM #1
It is being offered by bdiegesdesigns
I love the simplicity of this pattern and I will not be doing hand appliqué.  Someone invited fusible web just for me and I'm taking advantage of it.
I will be using a light weight fusible..........Transweb will be my choice.
Each of these blocks comes out the first of each month so hopefully I won't forget to download.
Links to both of this BOM are on the sidebar at the bottom.

That is going to be my year.
Finish up and start new projects.  Hopefully I can post often, but I don't know.
January's postings are nearly done and February will be here soon enough.
If you are looking for a block of the month, there are a lot of them listed here.
I did find some of the links didn't work, and I'm sorry to say I don't know which ones now.

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Humboldt Broncos
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