Thursday, January 14, 2016


We put the tree up and then I went searching for the tree skirt.  I couldn't find it and then I remembered...........I had washed the old one, the colour ran so I threw it out. I was suppose to make a new one and totally forgot!
I had to make a new one.  I went shopping for some fabric thinking I would add to two pieces I already had.  I changed my mind.
When I walked into the store there was a line of fabric from Kate and Birdie, called Winterberry.  Glorious reds and grey were my selection.
I dug
out the same pattern I used for Kristina's tree skirt and then spent a morning cutting all the fabric.  In the afternoon, I made the centre block and stopped for the day.

The next day I went downstairs and could not for the life of me figure out how to put it together.  I took a step back and then went back to it.
The actual tree skirt are one line of fabric and the visual for joining is something entirely different.
It is obvious to me that the design was from EQ which is fine.  I could not wrap my head around the different colourings!   I don't know why I had this brain jam, but I did.

I also kept the diagram right beside my work on the flannel wall.
It worked for me and after a couple of hours I was this far into the skirt.  I finally felt successful.
On my second try, I did succeed.  I discovered you actually sew the sides on first, then the top and bottom and continued in this manner until you were done.  (If she had only swung that diagram around!)  I went one step further.  I ran off another copy of the diagrammed as I completed each section, I ran a permanent marker through that set.
This is it!  Done and we kept the tree up long enough so I could snap a photo
with the cats.  The black panther couldn't test it out fast enough.
I decided before I made this skirt I was not going to cut an opening down the back of it.  I'm getting too old to crawl underneath the tree and tie it.
I did make a large enough hole that it will fit over the "trunk" of the tree as Karl assembles it.  Yes we have an artificial tree.  
I cut an opening and then made a bias binding and sewed it in place.
Works for me!

Next Christmas.......

 and as we packed up, of course we had help.......

and no we didn't pack them up and put them away.  Believe me, they are out and about enjoying life.

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Humboldt Broncos
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