Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This is it

the very last panel I will ever buy.  
I bought this one in 2013 at a quilt show.  It was made up into a kit and I was thinking of maybe a lap quilt for someone........anyone.........a donation
but I kept looking at it and absolutely nothing came to mind so I put it away
and put it away again
and again
and then.........
I dug it out.
These were four of the fat quarters in with the panel.
I didn't like the other two fabrics that came with it so I set them aside.
I decided on a "sofa runner".
Buddy and Tommy have the right to sleep anywhere they like.  Their preference seems to be the sofa in the living-room.
That's fine, 
they leave their fur behind.  I don't want that on the furniture, 
time to make a runner to sit on the cushions.
I took the green fabric and made sashings for the blocks.
The big block was going to be in the centre because I really like it and
I opted to put the reindeer next to it with a 2" finished sashing.
I put the other sashing at the top
I didn't want Santa to be "out there" quite as much as the snowman so I took those two blocks and put the sashing on the bottom
to lift them up and out of the way.
They could be buried by cushions this way too
When that was done I searched the stash for an inner border for the top and bottom
I cut this 2" to finish at 1 1/2"
Then I took the three other fat quarters and cut them 3" x 5 1/2" ---13 in all
to make a 65" strip.
That was sewn in place to the bottom.
It wasn't quite wide enough so I cut a 3" strip for the top.
I like the runners to fit in the space between the cushion and the back of the sofa
so little toys don't get buried
This was done over a couple of days.  I took one day to sandwich and quilt it
and saved the binding work for the evening.
C'est tout fini!

The boys have a Christmas quilt to sleep on.
Now of course we need one for the rest of the year.  It never ends.
P.S.  If this wasn't for the cats to sleep on I would have embellished it a bit.
Where the button shapes are on the trees, I would have added real buttons
I would have figured out a way to add real scarves on the reindeer
and where the rick rack shape is, I would have put the real McCoy.
As Buddy is quite fond of buttons and trying to chew them off I opted for plain.
Maybe when he grows up, I'll add them

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