Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This boxload...

has got to go!
I finally decided on what to do with one of my layer cakes after seeing a quilt on the internet.  They just used large blocks and sewed them together.
I took the stack of 42 apart and separated them into two piles.  Layer cakes are 10" square to finish at 9 1/2".......if you use 4 across and 5 down you use 20 and the quilt will measure out to about 38 x 48".
The first layer cake had a nautical theme that would work for a child.
I've decided to concentrate on toddler quilts and lap quilts for the next little while. They will all be donated to Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton.
The first one I pulled from the box was Bartolo-meow's Reef........and it was terribly misspelled on the label for the packet, so it took me awhile to find it on the internet.  Each of the fabrics were called something that you would quickly recognize as "from the sea"........there was kelp and coral, briny and water glacier, low tide and deep water.

This was the back label.  Odd that no one noticed this before it was packaged and shipped out.  That is not like Moda Fabrics at all.  I love the way they show you all the ways you can cut up your layer cakes.  Someday when I get another I just might try one of them.

I laid my first 20 pieces out on the floor and then clipped them together for carrying to the "wall".  I wasn't happy with one fabric so I tossed it and put in another.  It was then good to go.  As this has a nautical theme I decided to go one step further.
All this year Angie has been giving away blocks to make a quilt for young lad (see the link at the bottom of the page).  I've been very faithful about downloading them each month and when I thought about this quilt, I knew exactly what I was going to use.  I did leave off the main mast and made it a bit whimsical.
It didn't take long to trace out the pattern and I even remembered to reverse the patten for the boat on the bottom.  I wanted a red hull for the boat, but after searching high and low I opted for yellow......bright yellow!  I cut the holes out instead of putting a little circle on.   It is ready for the quilting machine after I find just the right backing.  
There will be two quilts similar so I thought maybe orange for the back of one and blue for the other. I recently bought a blue that would be perfect and if I'm really lucky my favorite orange fabric is still available at the store.
I used this fabric for a pillowcase with sailboats on the cuff.  It looked great............
see what I mean?
Wait until you see what I did with the other 20 pieces of fabric! 
That's for tomorrow!

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