Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Done, finally!

I got a little annoyed with myself recently.  A quilt has been lying around waiting for me to complete 5 blocks.  All I had to do was some blanket stitching.........yeah a little bit of blanket stitching.
To be honest the hold up was the sashing and the binding.  I wasn't going to do what the pattern called for and my brain was not in gear to think what colour to use.  The it hit me, like a ton of bricks.
I opened up the red box and pulled out the blocks that needed some work done on them.  These are four of them.  One was at the machine.

I decided to try the sashing first to see if I still really, really liked what I had chosen.
Thank goodness I did.  Two rows together
and after a week's worth of work I had this much done.  All the sashings were in place and the top inner border was done.
I made my quilt smaller than called for.  It is about 73 x 73 now that it is done.
I also made changes to the pattern by doing my own thing!
I added the recipient's name to block #2 in the third row
I did a heart instead of bundling up another penguin
I did a wreath instead of the hats.....I wish now I had made the wreath larger
It was suggested to give one a bow I did
I had to fiddle a little bit because I bought the last on the bolt of the dark grey.  I knew there wasn't anymore.  So I went to bed (that is where I do my best thinking) and decided on the side inner borders.  I had to introduce the lighter grey as that is my binding.

This is it!  Finished and it will be on the long arm in 2 days!

I had a funny thing happen to me last week.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you about it ---- yet!
I will tell you in January.
In the meantime, if you are looking for flannel that looks like wool and feels as soft as freshly fallen snow,
I want to recommend
Maple Flannel
It is the most wonderful flannel I have ever purchased.  
on Pearl Street in downtown Burlington
carries it.
I bought white
and I'm sorry, that really is all I can tell you ~~ for now!

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Humboldt Broncos
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