Thursday, November 12, 2015

Want some ideas

for gifts for friends or family?
I thought for the store it would be a good idea to put some ideas out there for people to see.  Sometimes you just need someone to start the juices flowing for those last minute gifts.
I started with the tiniest member of the family and worked my way up to your best sewing buddy.
Dribble bibs seems to be big right now as are bibs to hold the pacifier.  So one of each for you.
I made quite a few of these up and donated them to Ronald McDonald house.  They are so fast to make.  I used two pieces of flannelette to make them.

These bibs are everywhere, but it was hard to find a pattern for them.  I believe I took about an hour of clicking before this one showed up.  A lady designed these for her new grandchild.  I had no way to get in touch with her so please give this link credit if you pass it on.  It is NOT my pattern.
This pattern is not free, but I love it.  Wouldn't it be lovely, all made up as a pillow for a sofa/couch/chesterfield and give to someone as a hostess gift?  Boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine are okay, but something homemade?  Boy, that just says something special to me because anyone can buy a gift, but it takes talent to make something.
You do have to buy the McCall's magazine to get the pattern, but it is only $6.99 and you can have it digital so it is in your hot little hands instantly........well, okay not instant but mighty close.
What about your sewing friends or even a gift for you?  Check out All People Quilt here.
Keep clicking on "next" until you come to number 6!  Boy do I like that one.
I'm going to work up the pattern using just two pieces of fabric, instead of bits and pieces.  I have my fingers crossed it will work.

That's it for browsing.  Have a good week-end everyone.

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