Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A long time ago.........

I made cute little Christmas stockings for hanging on the tree.  They were never intended to hold gifts.....well, maybe a chocolate or two.....but that changed this week.
The boys need stockings!  Misty had one and I thought about making Buddy and Tommy the same one, and then I changed my mind.  I dug out the pattern and enlarged it on the computer.  I could have done it by hand, but heck when you have the capabilities elsewhere, why??????

I am trying something new to share documents with you.
Click on HERE for the pattern and the instructions.  If you have problems, please let me know.  The patterns are now in Dropbox and I tested the link and it worked -- for me.

This is what the pattern will look like. You get all the directions printed right on the stocking.  If you loose this, you loose it all, but you can come back here to get it again.  Just type stocking in the search engine or go to  Christmas/gift ideas in the side bar and the column will magically appear.

It doesn't require very much fabric, so check your stash and see what you have before you rush out the door to buy more.  If you don't have anything, fat quarters will definitely do it.
You will need two main pieces and two lining fabrics.
After cutting them out, lay them on your cutting surface this way for the next step.  It just makes it easier.
Join the lining to the main fabric at the top and stitch in place, using a 1/4" seam allowance.
Press the seam OPEN so that it will lay flat.
Lay one stocking on top of the other stocking
RIGHT sides together
and stitch around the entire thing leaving an opening for turning.
I pressed the stocking after stitching and have no idea why.  It looked nice, though.
Clip all the curves!!!
Pull the stocking through the opening and then stitch the opening closed.
Put the lining down inside the stocking
and then press again.
Pull the lining over the top of the stocking about 1 3/4".
Tomorrow I will take the time and the length of the blog to show you how I made my loop and the final stocking.

One month from today..................just sayin'.............

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