Thursday, October 29, 2015

Store Samples

This is a store sample that I made up over the summer months.  It was a brand new panel in the store that I really just added fabric too.  I didn't do anything spectacular, except cut off the  bottom strip of animals and save that for the cuff of a pillowcase.  It was fast and easy.

I decided to use a Glide thread on this one for the top and a So Fine by Superior on the back.  I love the So Fine because it really fills the bobbin!   There can't be anything worse, than running out of bobbin thread.  I would rather use my seam ripper than get caught part way through a row or a seam and have to stop and reload!
On August 19th we put another store sample on the long arm.  I really like this!  It is bright and colourful.  I came home with some fabric from one line, added a few more from fabrics around the store, designed the quilt and came up with this.  I'm thinking maybe the new boys would like a quilt like this for the bottom of the bed.
Look at that great border fabric!  That is what set the tone for the quilt.  The line only had two or three fabrics, so I hunted down more in the store.  It took awhile, but it was so worth it!
The backing is a combination of left overs from the front.  The strips were part of the border fabric, but I oped to add them to the back.  The brilliant yellow works so well with this quilt.
And then there is the pantograph.  Isn't it just the
best for this quilt.  Love it.

I did a lot more than this but you don't need a lot of description for the pieces I did.

These last two photos finished off the August sewing.  Pillowcases for our bed -- yes, I'm keeping them and a tote bag.  This is big!  It would be perfect for grocery shopping or.......fabric shopping.
It is simply two pieces of fabric sewn together with handles and a box bottom.
I actually put in some cereal boxes when it snapped the picture.  I could have taken out more than two boxes  of cereal and two boxes of snack crackers.  It is roomy.
and I'm leaving you with this for the week-end.  It came into my mailbox just in time for me to do something with a charm pack for a sample for Sewing Machines, etc.,

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