Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I have wanted a new runner

for the window for a long time
and I finally have a great reason (excuse) to make one.  I went searching the internet for one with cats as this is the window these boys will sleep in during the cool and cold days ahead.  I found one on the Martingale Publishing website.  You have to be a member to get the pattern, but that isn't much.  Just join by giving them you money changes hands!  Scroll down to line 8 and the pattern is there
Our window seat measures 19" x 73" so I decided to have the cats running the width of the seat and add borders to the top and the bottom.
The instructions are really good............the dingbat that was making it was not back in quilting mode and had a duece of a time with it.  I messed up one block 4 times!  I finally decided to do all the cats facing one way first and then the other way.
I finally blocked out the instructions I wasn't using, and found another use for those clips for the bindings.  They make great little paper clips!
I chose all dark fabrics for the cats and a whiteish/cream fabric for the sashings.  Then I added a piece of fabric that picks up the colours in our living room.  I'll bind with the same fabric.  I'm going to use wool batting inside and flannelette on the back.  This seat is c.o.l.d in the winter and maybe this will also help to insulate against the coolness.  I'm hoping so.
This is it!  19" x 73". probably trimmed back to about 18 1/2" so it won't freeze to the window come February.
The last photo is what happens when you use a Stonehenge fabric.  You never know what you are going to get.
I have some flannel in the closet so I'm going to dig through and see what I can put together.  The cats won't care as long as they are warm.
I was going to show you the pantograph,
but think I'm going to wait.
I will tell you it is really appropriate and the thread will be
a variegated one that is black, red and a couple of other colours
that were just made for this runner.

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