Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Every once in awhile

EQ makes a blunder!  It couldn't possibly be the designer of the quilt, it has to be them!  
I really wanted to get rid of a large piece of fabric that has been on the cutting table for quite awhile.  I bought it with great intentions to make something (I don't remember what now) but I never got around to it.
It is a great fabric from one of Northcott's Stonehenge lines.  Perfect for kids.
It is old, so possibly no longer available anywhere.  If you want to try the internet, I think it was called "Under the Sea".
I thought perhaps I would do all mitered borders except the second one which I really, really, really wanted done in blocks.
They were my problem.  I had to start the row with the blue as I wanted green cornerstones.  It had to balance!
I thought it perfect to do the centre block 20 x 20 so you didn't have to add and add and add borders.
I loved the design so I ran off the cutting information and spent an evening -- okay about 1/2 hour -- cutting.  I was ready to go the next day.  I placed everything carefully in my box.  Not labelled which was okay, but pinned together.
I sewed the first border which was orange and mitered it.
Then I decided to start with the top and bottom blocks.
I had cut them 3 1/2" x 3 7/8" -- the later being the width.  
Both sets done and then I went to pin.
It was too long -- not by much -- 1/4"!!
I think it should have been cut 3 13/16" but who has that on a quilting ruler.  I decided to trim it back,
so on each end I skimmed off 1/8"..........can you notice anything?  No, you can't
The side borders were perfect!
Then I got to the end.
Rats and darn!
I wouldn't have the length to do mitered borders with just one length.  I opted not too.  I hate joining borders unless I absolutely have to and it's a baby quilt and is that wee mite going to notice?
No, he/she won't.
I like the design and as this is probably for a boy, I'll get some 'girl' fabric and make one for her
I'm going to bind in the blue and it is cut and in the box.
The backing is made too and boy can you ever see it a mile away.
Go and get your sun glasses
Well, I warned you.  Not all that green will be on the back.  There is trim away.
I have a wee tip for you.
When you have finished your quilt and are packing it up until quilting day, mark the size on it.
Take a piece of masking tape, put the measurement on and you are ready to cut your batting
I don't do a lot of my quilts and it comes in handy when you have to let your long arm quilter know the size.

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