Thursday, June 18, 2015


We were planning to arrive about 10:00, but I went into the bank and got gabbing, so it was about 10:30 when we pulled into the parking lot of the building where the quilt show was being held.
It took us over an hour and it wasn't the route I would have chosen, but I wasn't driving so I just kept quiet.  I was hoping for a different route home...........didn't happen!  Ah well.

While walking around the show, I really tried to focus in on the long arm machine quilting.  I tried to get a few shots.........well, okay a lot of shots..........because some of them were fabulous.  
When we were done (in more ways than one) walking around the show, we headed downtown for a bite to eat.  I tried to find one restaurant I had read a review on, but as I had not written down the address, I couldn't find it.  Duh!  Next time I will be a wee bit wiser.
When we were done our lunch we decided to head home.  As we sat at the stop lights in Town I looked up at the roof of one of the buildings.
 Look at the design in that roof top!  and then I swung the camera just a little bit
Now this following photo would make a great free motion quilt design
This was the church that was on the corner where we turned.  Look at that the blocks, in the top windows.  I may need a trip back to Fergus just for a photo shoot.

I bought a kit at the show.  It has some of my favourite colours in it and Karl's favourite bird.  I asked the "boss" if he thought it would fit on the dining room wall and he thought it might.  If it doesn't it will be lovely to curl up under next winter.  This is one of my summer projects
Now the Smilebox.  Some photos had to be deleted because I couldn't find my glasses in my purse!  Oh, they were there, I just didn't see them.   The photos were a bit blurry and a couple in the slideshow are blurry, but I think you will be able to imagine what they look like without a clear crisp photo.
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Update on the garden.  It is growing and things are starting to bloom.  We'll be picking soon which is always lovely.
 These are the peas.  I pick, I not cook my peas.

Zucchini.......we shall have multitudes!
 and our tomatoes.  End of July, first part of August they are usually ready.
Love tomato sandwiches but by September we've had enough.

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Humboldt Broncos
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