Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer is coming

I promise!  It was taking it's time, but I think we have finally turned the corner!
I had purchased my fabric for my summer door hanging.  It took me quite awhile to decide as I had originally planned on doing bright reds on a yellow background!  Talk about a change of mind.
I saw this fabric on the shelf, so out with one thought and in with blues!  Yes, blues for me.
There is a basket which we decided would look fabulous in dark red with dark green trim.  The stems and leaves in light green and then the flowers.  
I didn't have the pattern with me when I bought the fabrics, so I wasn't aware that the flowers actually had three layers to them.
I decided I was going to use some "artsy" stuff for this one.
The first layer I fused right to the background.  The next layer is going to "cup" and be held in place by the centre which is going to have tiny seed beads glued on.
To make the "cup" I took the fabric and had the wrong side facing towards me
I fused the fusible web to this and then trimmed away the excess fabric.  Then I fused another piece of fabric to the web.  I trimmed away the excess again.
This is what it looked like when I was done.  Two pieces of fabric with fusible web in between.
I printed off a template of the middle section and then traced around it onto the fabric.  I tried my washable marker and my vanishing marker, but I couldn't see it when I was done.  I finally went with my Fons and Porter white marker and I will cut so I don't have any white lines left.  They will go towards the back so hopefully they won't be seen.

The next picture is what it will look like when it is completed.  I'll do all the stitching on the light blue before I place it on the wallhanging.
I have always used a darker thread to highlight the pieces -- leaves, stems, flowers, etc.,
but as everything is blossoming forth in the garden I took my camera out and took some close up shots of leaves and petals, just to see what Mother Nature does.
and the Heuchera (coral bell).......look at the definition in that leaf!
We are sort of in-between seasons for flowers right now.  The spring ones are done and the others are in bud, so it wasn't easy finding anything.
I did manage though.  The first one is the periwinkle that always produces masses of little purple flowers
The very last tulips are just about done.

 The shamrock has a lot of blooms
You can use darker, lighter or a different thread all together when you thread paint.  It's all up to you!

and finally......
I finished cleaning up the fern bed.  Karl moved most of the chrysanthemum, the rest is stuck in the middle of one fern so it is going to stay there.  I stepped into the garden to take a measurement of how big these gals are.  They are taller than me -- which isn't saying much -- cause I'm built close to the ground.  5'1".  Another huge rock.........this one came from a ranch 40 km. south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  The little rocks surrounding it, are treasures the grandchildren collected and one piece of petrified wood is tucked in there, also.

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Humboldt Broncos
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