Fat Cat BOM #8

Fat Cat BOM #8


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One more slice

I may as well keep on the theme and then we are done with it.  This is something very different.
I always practice this with paper first to make sure it will work.  If you want to try it, I've made a paper download for you.
I found a lot of 2 1/2" squares on my cutting table left over from another project.  I was ready to toss when I thought..........let's give this a whirl.
The blocks are 5 across and 10 down.
Trim away the excess paper

Count down along one side 5 blocks so that you are right smack dab in the centre.  You can mark the paper as this is your trial run.

 Lay your ruler on the top corner opposite to the side that you made the mark
and slice it
 Now do the other side......
 so it looks like this
 Now take the top right triangle and set it down on the bottom left side

 Take the top left triangle and put in on the bottom right side.
Using scotch tape, tape the two triangles together
Then tape the two triangle sections to the larger section so you have this
You start with a rectangle and end up with a square.  It won't matter the size of the block -- you will end up with a larger square.
Now for the fabric.
The rectangle measures about 10" x 20".  You can probably add 1/2" to those measurements.  If you strip piece it won't take you long to do it.
Once it is done, press it and press it very well.  I pressed row 1 in one direction, row 2 in the opposite, row 3 the same as row 1, row 4 the same as row 2........you get the idea.
The final pressing, the seams were all pressed towards the bottom.  It won't matter, just make sure they all go the same way.  Press it as flat as you can.
Now you find the middle on the one side, just like you did when you did the paper sample.  Cut one the corner through all the joins to the mark on the rectangle.
Do the other side and then move the top right triangle to the bottom left side
The top left side to the bottom right side.

Pin the two triangle pieces together, butting the seams. PIN them so they don't shift
Press the seam to the opposite side of the seam on the top piece. 
 I found I had to press the seams on the two triangle piece to opposite side for every seam.  
Here you go.......

Make a few more, join them with some sashing and you can have a nice quilt top.

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