Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I need a fancy word

for wrap it up.......but it has to start with a "t".  So Thesaurus gives me a few choices......terminate.....sounds like a movie title............triumph?  Okay, let's go with that
Triumphant Tuesday!
I auditioned three different fabrics for the sashing.  A navy blue, a soft yellow and the white.  Guess which one won?  Then it came time to chose the cornerstones.  I put both of the fabrics up on the wall and snapped a photo.  The decision was made
 but just in case I was wrong, I put four of the same fabrics and snapped another photo
 and then I did it again.  I still liked the decision I made right at the beginning.
I took a strip of white fabric and cut across the width 11 1/2" and then cut 2" wide.  I needed six pieces.
Then I cut -- from the same piece -- 10 1/2" and 6....2" wide pieces.  I cut the larger length first because you can trim it off, but it's darned hard to put it back on.
As luck would have it -- again! -- I didn't remove a pin fast enough and the needle got it!  It was buried.  I had to snip the thread in the machine, carefully remove the foot and then the bobbin.  I was able to remove the pin without ruining the fabric.  That's twice I've been out in la-la land while sewing.
Both the pin and the needle were toast!
 I did get the top completed.
Yes, I chose the chevron fabric for the corners.  I thought the bright turquoise was just a bit too much and it was taking your eye all over the place.
Now for a backing.
I looked around the store and Cheryl found this!  Lots of lots of water creatures.  Perfect for Haiti!
It matches the colours of the chevron fabric perfectly. 
I have searched and searched the Northcott website for the chevron fabric and I finally gave up.  I swear they have the worst search engine of any fabric company.  I wanted to know if the two lines were the same.  Well, I'm still wondering as one selvedge told me lots and the other told me -- well, nothing!
In case you think I've fallen off the earth, I don't want to shock you, but I've been
gardening!  Yes me!
Last week I was out every day puttering around.  There is so much yard work to do and Karl is so busy planting the vegetable garden I decided to join him in the back 40!
I unearthed my hydrangeas on Friday.  They were under the growth from all the bulbs.  They look really healthy so hopefully we'll get some gorgeous blooms.
I have to confess, I had to fix this column.
Boy when you are out in la-la land, you are really out there!

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Humboldt Broncos
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