Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to you

This is Taylor's birthday gift.  It is very neutral -- just scraps of fabric left over from other projects, except the brown which was purchased new.
We chose this panto
Love Doodles

Anne had just used this panto on another quilt and it quickly replaced the one I originally thought we would use.Taylor does beautiful artwork, not so much doodling, but real art.  The hearts just fit in perfectly.....and I don't think I need to explain that.
 We ended up using a variegated King Tut thread and a So Fine in the bobbin.
The backing is flannelette.  It was suppose to be flannel, but the company I bought it from advertised it wrong, or they don't know the difference.  I guess I should have known they messed up because of the price.  They have messed with me twice.........they won't get to mess with me again!
I had the quilt all finished and then went out a bought the fabric for the pillowcases.  Neither of the fabrics are in the quilt, but it works well together.
Scrappy quilts really are the best.  You can blend anything with them.
 The quilt is called Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs.  It doesn't matter which way you use it, it is right!  I prefer the ups and, maybe the ins and outs..........
Some of the fabrics were used intentionally.  The first one is Anne of Green Gables and it is only in the quilt once.  Didn't want to push my luck on this one.  Memories of our holiday together last year in Prince Edward Island.

I don't know how many camping trips we have had together.  Many!  Arrowhead Provincial Park where it rained buckets.......Algonquin Provincial Park where we stayed up late and then went down to the water to hear the frogs singing their little hearts out........Emily Provincial Park were we dug holes and filled them with water and where Mom made a sand turtle.  All Grandma does is build castles!

Then of course, there was the trip to Sudbury.  We toured a mine, we went to Science North, stayed in a hotel!!!!, swam in the pool, went underground in a mine and stood on the rock of the Canadian Shield.                          On the way back home we stopped at French River Provincial Park Visitors Centre, walked the bridge over the gorge, climbed on more rocks.  
The backing shows the pantograph off beautifully.  The girl should be nice and warm next winter under this quilt.
Just because our month hasn't been busy enough tonight we are off to celebrate a long time friend's birthday.  I have know Joanne for 47 years!  I was expecting our boy when she walked up to me in the laundry room of our apartment building and asked when my baby was due.  That one question started our friendship.  Our birthdays are exactly one month apart.  Should be a fun supper at one of our favourite local restaurants.
Enjoy your day.  Our day looks to be wise as well.

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Humboldt Broncos
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