Tuesday, June 16, 2015


and it's lying in wait for the first day of summer.
I changed my mind on the flowers and did sew the centre down, not the whole thing.......
the "ends" of the flowers are still free and I hope down the road it won't cause any problems.
Fingers crossed.
Here it is all it's glory!
It isn't hanging yet because summer hasn't started........and because I haven't got a long enough stick!
Moving on......
I bought some fat quarters at a sale.  Now I have a beef........if stores are selling fat quarters, I wish they would mark the size on them.  If fat quarters come from the manufacturer they are cut in American sizes..........18" x 22".  If they are cut at the store they generally run at 20" x 22" because we do metric in Canada.  Simple request..........just mark them.
Second beef........if I had cut a fat quarter like this when I worked in the quilt shop, I don't know what Susan would have said.  She would not have been happy and I don't blame her.
Look how much is lost!
Okay that's all over with -- onto the quilt
I found a really fast quilt on the internet.  Here.
I chose from my fat quarters and got to work.  Because I wasn't using yardage I had to adjust the pattern but it all worked out.
My widths are cut 3 3/4" wide by 16 1/2" and then I trimmed the whole centre piece to 16" x 16"
I cut the sashing 2 1/2"  by the length and added cornerstones.
Then I took that little piece of fabric and put it top and bottom
I tried every piece of fabric I had in the house for the other two sides and I had nothing.
I decided to try my local store and they had nothing but I did find a very modern looking fabric.
I came back home, unpicked the blue fabric and then just went for it.  This is the end result

I am using a grey/white patterned fabric on the back and I'm going to use the pattern as my quilting design.  I hope to have enough left over from the backing to do the binding.  I do have one piece I can try and if that works I will use that.  We'll see how it goes
The Noah's Ark fabric?
Well, it turned out like this.......
both are different from the directions.  A guideline is all I needed to create both of these.
I am looking for a fabric with "waves" on it for the backing.  I think I'll do waves for the quilting too. We'll see how my search goes.

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Humboldt Broncos
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