Thursday, May 21, 2015

Karl and I went for a drive

last Saturday to see a quilt show.  I knew when I left home it wasn't going to be your regular everyday quilt show.  It was going to be a quilt show in a church! and I really wanted to see it.  It was going to be a quilt show with quilts from the in a long time ago.
I cannot recall a time when I was greeted more warmly by so many wonderful people.  The ladies in the little room had coffee and cookies, and they asked me to sign their guest book.  You were asked to  make a donation and now I wish I had given more.
I unexpectedly meet Denise at the door.  I had written to her before I went because I couldn't get their link on Facebook to work.  I was told so many things, I hope I've kept the stories straight.
This is their very first show.
The story of the little church was interesting.  It now belongs to the Plattsville and District Historical Society.  The congregations at 4 churches dwindled down so they now all meet in one church which made 3 of them redundant.  This church has a cemetery and a war memorial on the grounds so the group was able to purchase the church and use it for their functions.
They are a wonderful group of ladies that give from the heart.  One of their local residents was killed in Afghanistan and they now do charity quilts in his name.  I knew this would just slide by too fast for you to read so I decided to post it here.       The quilt had messages and signatures written on it.  These were from the people that Tyler served with.      

They had a quilt set up for you to hand quilt should you want to.  There were two ladies sitting tying a quilt that was in a frame.
Then I met Amber!  Amber was a wonderful young lady that had one quilt in the show.  A quillow
She explained to me that she had purchased the fabric in Pennsylvania and that was the reason for the Amish people on the quilt.
Here is a Smilebox.  
It wasn't a big show but it was very special.
I did wander the grounds after the show.  I stopped to look at the cenotaph and a wonderful lady explained that they have their Remembrance Day service there every year.  There is more to the story, unfortunately, you are going to have to visit to find out. 
The show is being held for the next two Saturdays.  You can easily drive it in an hour
If you go to Google Maps and ask for Bright, Ontario the spot will be on the map under Chesterfield. Chesterfield is only the church now.  The tiny village is gone.

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