Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just a few tips

to help you out.  It won't aid you making this block any faster.  I timed it again and it was still 25 minutes.  It was 25 minutes of worthwhile.
The first thing I did was cut all my jelly rolls the night before I was going to sew them together.  That made the next 2 days a bit quicker as I didn't have to stop to cut.  I had all my 4.5" squares ready too.
I clipped them together with neat little clips I bought at our local dollar store.

I strip pieced each unit and when that was done,

I pressed each unit so the seams faced towards the outside edge.  NOT towards the edge that will be joined to the centre square.

I had the centre square pressed so I could find the centre of it.  I pinned the 3 unit piece starting at the edge towards the crease mark.    When I had the first piece pinned, I turned the unit a 1/4 turn and then
I pinned and turned a 1/4 turn again moving that piece out of the way
next turn
and by now I'm sure you get the picture
When I had all that pinning done, I started to sew the units together.  I started at the outside edge and sewed to the place where I had put the pin in..........four times.  
Then I picked it up and sewed my first seam with the side up so I could see the seams.  I sewed the entire seam which you can do if you move the block around clockwise.  The last seam is the only one where you will have to stop where you have previously sewn.  I did re-enforce that stitching.

 While I was pinning the units together, I found this! which can happen so don't get upset about it.  It usually isn't something you can't take out.  I did make sure it was going to be on the inside as a "just in case"
Before I pressed it and perhaps set it in, I took out my toothbrush and gave it a very light brush
and voila! it was gone.  I noticed after I had this all sewn the seams were heading in the wrong direction.  If you do that, just press them back.
 Here they are on the flannel board

 This was a jelly roll I purchased and had intended to make up when Cody and I were doing that piece called Tranquility.  I decided to go with what the pattern suggested so this was left over.  I don't know why I only have one..........perhaps Cody and I were going to share it.  Who knows.  Not I!

It's put together.......and the wind she did blow....again!

 I'm calling this one,  "It's Brilliant, Mate"
and the backing...............
  I tried balancing on the boards around the garden and that didn't work.  When I finally had the quilt lying flat and the breeze stopped blowing, I pointed, I shot and found my hands in the photo.
That's the way it goes sometimes.

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Humboldt Broncos
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