Thursday, May 7, 2015

It took me......

to make one block.  I did have the centre blocks cut, but that was all.  After posting the article about "what is that quilt worth", I thought perhaps it would be interesting to see just how long one block actually takes to make.
I did choose to make mine differently.  I pre cut my jelly roll strips to 10 1/2", I didn't sew long, long lengths together and then cut.  I find I am much more accurate with my sewing if I do it this way.  
Before I stitched them together I pinned them at the beginning, the middle and the end so they would all be the same length when I was done.  I couldn't cut the strips to correct them afterwards if one of them was off.
After one set was done, I pressed.  You can see a pin at the top of one of the strips.  That is the direction I will sew the next strips together.  One set one way, one set another way.
 I pressed all the seams in the same direction when I was done and then.......
I took the centre piece and carefully folded the centre in half and lightly pressed a crease on each side, where I was to stop and start the stitching.
I decided not to make the blocks identical.  You should be able to get 2 blocks from 2 sets of strips from the jelly roll.
The blocks measure 16.5" x 16.5"........... big blocks. 
I'll be donating this quilt.  I have no use for it, but the jelly roll was in the house so I decided when I saw this it was going to be used up.
The link is here.
I like this quilt too.  I'll keep it in mind "for another day".
I tend not to read instructions.  You could say I quilt "by the seat of my pants".  Tuesday I'll give you a couple of tips that I'm really not too sure are in the instructions or not!
The completed top will be here too.
It is colourful!



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