Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In the log cabin

Remember this fabric?
It was made into the last quilt I could possibly get from the 2 meters I bought from Linda.
I decided the last quilt would be a log cabin style.  I pulled all the cream/neutral fabrics from my stash and started with the least amount and made one block.  I kept track of the cutting as I went along so the rest of the blocks could be made fast, fast, fast!

I'll post the cutting instructions at the end.
I made 12 blocks because that is all I could get from the one fabric.  I wish I could have done 16 but it wasn't to be.
It took me three days to make, the most of which was on one of those spring rainy days when you didn't feel like doing much else.
Before I cut the borders, I cut my binding.  After I looked to see how much fabric was left and measuring the existing width, I opted to cut them 5" to finish at 4 1/2".

I put it on the flannel wall and used a tiny piece of left over fabric along the top to see how the binding would look.  It helps to draw the fabric to the top and bottom.

It is now all bundled with the backing which is what you see behind the quilt, in a veggie bag.  I have new thread to quilt this with, but first of all I have two other quilts to get done on the long arm ~~ today!
This is my May baby quilt.  Done and the month is just beginning!

 the centre was cut 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" square
All the strips were cut 2" wide.
#1.....3 1/2"
#4.....6 1/2"
#5.....6 1/2"
#8.....9 1/2"
The block is 9 1/2" and finishes at 9"

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Humboldt Broncos
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