Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I didn't start off the way I usually do...

This is the pattern..........I'm sort of following.  Another great one by Atkinson Designs.
I wanted a quilt with no borders, and I wanted something on the large size.  I drafted up a new one in EQ which is picture number 2.
I decided to cut it a different way than the directions.  I know I have limitations when it comes to quilting.  One of my worst problems is dealing with strip sets and sub cutting them.  It doesn't matter if I sew one strip in one direction and one strip in the other, they always come out just a small titch wavy.

I dug out my fabrics.  Three different lines for this quilt.....a Stonehenge, Man About Town and a Michael Miller which is called Tiny Houndstooth.
I had some very large pieces of fabric so I cut what I will need from these for the pillowcases and the binding and then set it aside.  I can't afford to use these and then have to run around looking to replace it.
I had purchased fat quarters to make the blocks when I was up at Oakville Sewing Centre one day.  I pressed them (no, I do not pre-wash my fabric) and as there were 12 of them I stacked them in groups of three to cut them up.  
I decided it was time to move to the other end of my cutting mat.  My math is pretty good, but subtraction was never one of my strong suits.  Add, multiply, divide and fractions......that's what I'm good at.
I should have snapped a photo of the cutting, but I didn't.  I laid my fat 1/4's on the mat with the selvedge edge over the 70" mark.  I trimmed that away and then moved 8.5" down the board.  I marked the line with a piece of masking and bottom.  I moved down another 8.5" down the board and marked it.  I figured I was smart enough to cut of 2.5" without marking and did it perfectly each time!  Yeah for me.  One direction completed.
I then took my favourite cutting ruler and marked it every 2.5" for the subcut.  (I did this after I messed one cutting up~~well you may as well be honest!)  The 2.5" cut was submit to 8.5" and I got two from that one.
When all the cutting was done, I stacked the fabrics so I had all these little piles of 2.5 x 8.5" strips.  I need 35 sets.   I snapped this photo the next morning and that little mouse indicates to me where I'm suppose to start the next set.
I had a bit of it sewn together so I put it up on the flannel wall.  This quilt will have a dark binding on it when it is all done. 
Not bad, not bad at all
Now it's set aside so I can get a quilt ready for the long arm frame.  You'll see it sometime soon once it is all sewn together.
It seems to be taking me awhile.
The weather has been really fabulous -- well, okay maybe not the yesterday and today -- and getting into gear with my sewing has not been my priority.  
I'm looking for my mo-jo......................

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