Thursday, April 23, 2015

On May 6th

I'm going to be putting Taylor's quilt on the long arm frame in May.  Her quilt is going to be a bit different than her siblings and her cousins.  Taylor's bedroom is above the garage and it is cold!  I decided to put a flannel back on it and then use a wool batting.  I have never used wool before but I'm willing to try anything once.  If I like it........I'll definitely do it again.
Anne gave me a piece of wool batting to try.  My angst with wool is the washing and drying.  The Jay family do not have a big backyard so lying it flat on the ground is not feasible.  I finally picked up the batting and two pieces of fabric, and a beautiful King Tut thread and headed downstairs.
This little piece of fabric was given to me and as it has grey cats on it playing with yarn I knew it better stay in our house.

I spent about an hour doodling with free motion trying different things.  It's a great way to practice.  Circles are always my downfall.  I should do this more often.
In the next couple of photos you can see the loft of the wool batting.  I was told this would happen.

I just kept going until I was at the end of the fabric.  It measures about 18 x 20.......large enough for Misty to lay on in the living-room window next winter.
The machine loved this batting.  It needles beautifully and the stitches are even on both the front and the back.  No skipping at all.
I found a beautiful green fabric in the stash basket and cut two strips to fit around the piece.  
The actual purpose of this was the washing and drying of it.  I have to check with Anne what batting this was before I do anything dumb.
I have purchased the batting for Taylor's quilt.  
If you are in doubt as to what to buy ask at your favourite store, do a little research online and read the labels.  I have found over the years, that all quilt batting packaging tells the story of what is inside.

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