Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's all done!

The day I was headed over to Sewing Machines, etc., to long arm quilt my "Love Blooms Here", Facebook posted a "photo of the day" from one year ago.  This was the photo
Sheer co-incidence.
I had selected the pantograph the last time I was over at the store.  Hearts in Bloom
I just knew deep down this one would work.  

Anne and I decided this time we would time the panto.  This quilt we did differently.  We did length instead of width.  It took a little over 13 minutes to do one row.  We timed it on the stopwatch on my iPad.  It took us three tries.....the first one we completely forgot, the second one we forgot to stop the clock and the third's slightly over because once again, we were talking.  Imagine that!

Sometimes it's just a fluke that the panto hits the right spot!!

We used a King Tut thread for the quilting.  It is one I use a have seen it before on a few quilts I've done.
I use it so often, I finally purchased a cone of it.  
All done now!  Bound and with a sleeve on the back so we can hang it on the dining-room wall.
This pattern was from the Quiltmaker magazine in 2014.  Not often I stick with a pattern from one month to the other, but this one really, really appealed to me.  
I think this will be our fall quilt for the room.

 Our backyard garden is now bursting with crocuses, tulips, daffodils and other things popping up.  As I walked by the other day I noticed Karl had given our large piece of petrified wood a new home.  Now it's visible!
We were given this by our friends Jan and Reg quite a few years ago on our last trip to the ranch.  This will travel with us wherever we go after this house.

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Humboldt Broncos
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