Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Long arm quilting.......

Follow up on the blog post about wool battings.  I received an email from Maureen and I asked her if I could post it here.  She told me "That's fine.  I don't mind at all."
Jennifer also left a comment after the blog post on Thursday, so you may want to scroll down and read that one too.
I thought I would give you my two cents’ worth about wool batts.  I absolutely love them.  Every quilt (6) that I’ve had quilted with a wool batt has been wonderful.  I love the puffiness.  All but one of them has gone to a grandchild or our daughter living in the Maritimes.  I felt the warmth of wool would be beneficial.  The next quilt I make for us is going to have a wool batt as my husband is always cold.
The wrappers for the wool batts that I’ve bought have all said that machine washing was fine and drying as well.  I’ve had no complaints from my daughter about cleaning them.

Over the years I've had a lot of my quilts done by other people.  My first long arm quilter was Deb......but she lived a bit away from me.  She did a super job on the quilt, but I had to factor in a few things and decided I would try to find someone closer to home.  (I also smelled tobacco smoke on my quilt when I got it home.)
Kathy did a lot of my quilts.  She was a member of the guild I went to and I had seen her work, so I knew I could leave my quilts with her.
Unfortunately, Kathy had to give up her business due to ill health so I was on the look out again.
Next was Robin.....
I have known her for years but Robin doesn't do custom work, just edge to edge.  I've discovered that quite often that is enough.  Her work is fabulous, but now she has moved away.
I had one quilt done by Shelley who does beautiful custom work, but boy that is expensive.  I try not to go that route anymore.
Then Anne..............One quilt was gifted so no photos of that one, however, our tablecloth was featured here a few weeks ago so you know her work.

Now it's my turn.  I'm enjoying doing it but believe me you need guidance when you are first starting out which leads me to why I'm posting all of this.
Are you looking for someone to do your quilts?????  Ask for references and then follow through.  Ask to see her work and get right into the nitty-gritty.  What kind of thread does she use?  What kind of batting?  How does she want the seams on the back pressed?  How much does she charge?
Why?  This was posted on Facebook and I'll let you read it all.
A friend of mine used an inexperienced long arm quilter and was really disappointed.  So much so, that she took the quilt over to Kathy who fixed it.  Lesson learned.

and there is also this read:
If you look on the right hand side today you will notice changes on the sidebar.  The two links for the BOMs are now at the bottom of the page.  More changes are coming.
It's time for a facelift!

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