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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Culling in a different way

I haven't given up on the cleaning.  I am definitely still at it, but I've changed focus for awhile.
I have a lot of yarn in my house...........well I did have.  I decided to get rid of it by using it up.
The first ball of yarn was a soft mauve which I have no idea why I purchased it.
I ended up with two hats out of that one ball
and then I started on the blue ball of yarn.
The link to this pattern is here.
When those two hats were finished (maybe a pompom to come)
I picked up the blue yarn and made a hat starting from the top 
the same as the mauve hats and then just did a ribbing.
Of course, that ball of yarn wasn't finished so
I made another and then another
I changed up the ribbing on the two and did a bit of praying as I came to the end of the yarn.
I made it though
This ball of yarn still has some left.  I have no idea what I'm going to do.
Do I buy another ball of yarn to finish it off?
All of these hats were started at the crown.
You cast on 9 stitches and then you decided how you want to increase.
You can yarn forward or make one.
I "made one" for the boys hats.  I didn't think they wanted fancy on the top of their heads.  Yarn over leaves a hole.
I took a refresher course on this via the internet.
The white yarn doesn't seem to be going down, so I pulled out little balls of navy blue and came up with this
 The red/coral/brown/and other odd colors yarn is now finished.
Preemie mitts.  I found the pattern here

I'm half way to my goal of donating hats for kids.  I'm hoping I can do 12 with the yarn I have here in the house.
I'll keep you posted.

Don't forget to print off your April BOM from Angie.  It is a really cute little boat this month.
And Bunny Hill has her pattern available now too.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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