Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What do you do........

when you have a block that you made and then don't use.
Well, I made it into a quilt top for a little girl.
You will remember this 
but before that, I had made a block
that just wouldn't work for a pillow.
It needed more.......
well maybe I just didn't like the way it turned out.....
or perhaps it wouldn't have "worked" in it's new home.
So I put it on the flannel wall
and looked at it every day.
I had fabric left over and some in my stash
Then I had an idea so I started to cut strips of fabric.
2 5/8" x 16" and three pieces 3" x 16"
which I randomly sewed together.
Well, okay not the 3" strips
they were done on purpose.
At this stage it measured 30 x 30
and then I made the decision to work with 
what I had.  No borders, no running to the store to buy more fabric.
I made a backing from the flannel that has been in
the closet for awhile
sandwiched the quilt and then found this great thread
in my thread box.  It's a YLI variegated.  It had all the colors of the backing fabric
I decided to meander and every once in awhile
I plopped in a big heart.  This is the template from the penguin quilt
occasionally I put in a "stylized" heart
A flannel backing always looks great
and the bobbin thread was a Masterpiece by Superior 
I was going to use up this fabric come heck or high water so I decided
on a scrappy binding.  I just took what I had, cut 2 1/2" wide strips and sewed them together.
I did audition it on the quilt before I started.
I wanted that dark pink fabric against a really light one that was in the quilt top.
Here it is.  As far as I can go.
This is my hand sewing for the next stitch and chat
and yeah!, the backing is straight.
TIP:  When I sew flannel together, I use my walking foot.  I find that
flannel shifts when I sew it, but with the walking foot it all goes through
together at the same time.
One of 12 quilts for the donation box.  
I have some catching up to do.

Winter Sunset........A prairie sky in Ontario.  We don't get them very often, but one night the end of February, it came at sunset.
If you ever get the opportunity to travel to the west, where the blue skies go on forever -- do it! There is nothing in the world like standing in a farmer's/rancher's field, leaning up against a bale of hay and looking for miles and miles and watching the sky.  You can see storms coming in long before they arrive, you can watch sunsets long before the sun goes down, you can watch clouds form and move.  It is one awesome sight.

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Humboldt Broncos
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