Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This much is done.

I saw a cowl pattern on the internet and asked the girls to select their yarn.  I decided to start with Heather's with a needle one size larger than the yarn recommended.  Wish I hadn't done that!
To say it was large, is an understatement.
When Karl and I were out shopping one day, I asked him to take me to the wool shop and I bought the proper size needle for the yarn.  I took the yarn I had selected and knit another cowl......using less stitches too.  I only cast on 132.....8 less than called for.
Look at the difference between the two of them.  Lesson learned.....go with what it says on the band around the yarn.

I didn't even look for the yarn the gal used to make her cowl.  I went on the Mary Maxim website and picked Bernat Chunky yarn.  If you can K2, P2, you can make this up.  Lady by the Bay is the gal who designed this.
This is the redone cowl.  It took me two evenings to knit up one cowl along with a bit of time in the morning to stitch in the ends of the yarn. 
I found this also and am glad I did.  I used up the bits left over from the grey cowl.
I knit 15 stitches on a 8mm needle for about 25 inches and then made the buttonholes.  I finished off with four rows and then cast off.  You will understand why I told you this when you read the instructions given.
The last cowl!  My hands started to ache so I took awhile to knit this one.  Don't you just love the design this yarn makes?
It's done now though, so that too is in the box.  

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Humboldt Broncos
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