Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last summer

a lot of quilting/fabric stores in Ontario took part in the first Ontario Row by Row Experience.
I didn't take part in it, I'm not likely to do it this year either.  I don't do shop hops, mystery bus tours or this!  I have found in the past that you spend an awful lot of money when you are out there, then you come home and think "why did I do that".  Now I don't have to think!
On Facebook, they post the shops participating and the pattern that each store will be handing out.  This one I loved!  
I was going to ask Karl to stop in at the shop on the way home from the east coast, but we were going through on a Sunday and the shop isn't open then.
When weRquilts, announced they would be selling kits after the row by row was over, I phoned right away and ordered one.
It came around the first of November and here it sat!  I just didn't have time to think about it.  However the first part of the month it came closer to the top of the pile.  The top piece of the black background was what came with the kit, however, I needed more black fabric to complete mine.  I auditioned a black batik fabric against it and as it pretty much matched up I decided to go with it instead. 
I traced and cut out all the pieces one afternoon and the next day set about putting them in their place! 

 I had to use my big light table and even it wasn't long enough.

It didn't take long before it was all put together so I snapped a photo!  Darn it, I missed tracing one little piece.
Shoot.....don't like below that blue flower either.  It looks -- ummmmm -- odd, empty, wrong?

I quickly filled in the empty spots and snapped another photo.

Yes!  It's all put together now.

This was my plan all along for this row.  Not into a quilt, not for me!  
A wonderful new kitchen valance!  Something to add colour to our tiny kitchen.
It will be great to look up and see this next winter.
Oh, sorry, I sad that bad word again.....

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Humboldt Broncos
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