Thursday, March 5, 2015

It took a morning

I decided to try the Bunny Hill ornaments a different way.  I wasn't too fond of the "stuffiness" of January's heart.  Probably my fault for putting so much inside.
I did take photos as I made these to give you an idea of how I made the February one and then went back to January and redid that one.
Each heart is the same size so I'm glad I cut one out from card stock to use each month.  The snowman for February was different so I turned the pattern over and with carbon paper, traced it onto the fusible web which was already fused to my wool fabric.
I decided to use Thermolam instead of batting.  This is about 1/8" thick -- maybe 1/4"??? -- which is really a nice weight.  I can't tell you anymore because I don't have the bolt board it came on. I did find it here at and they are a super company to order from.
I cut one piece 7 x 8" and then cut the fabric 7" x 16".
I folded that in half and traced around my heart pattern with my
favourite pencil.  I tried my washable marker, but I couldn't see the lines.
I cut a piece of red ribbon 6" long and folded that in half.  I placed it inside right where the dip is in the top of the heart.  I pinned to make sure it stayed.  On one it did, on one it didn't!  Go figure!
I stitched all the way around the heart.  No opening on the side for turning.
I trimmed it off on the line I marked and made sure I snipped the curves with my sharp scissors so it would look smooth around the edges when I was done.
I decided where the snowman was going to be on the outside.
Remember it will be opposite from the inside once it is turned.
I very carefully snipped an opening between the two small lines I marked and then turned the heart
right side out.
I fused the snowman right on top of the opening!  No on knows it is there except you and me, and I won't tell anyone.
I decided no more knitted scarves and cut a piece of fabric 1/4" wide by a long length.
It can be trimmed when you are done.

I sat for an hour in the afternoon and did the embroidery work for the arms and around the body to secure it in place.  I added the seed bead eyes and tacked the scarf down.  I couldn't get the little tiny heart to fuse so I put some white glue behind it.  That worked well.
Done and now to see what today's offering is.
Misty joined me in the "big" sewing room.  It was quite cold out for a few days back in February so I put the electric heater on.  Poor girl couldn't figure out what it was.
Do you have jelly rolls lying around your house?  Stacked one on top of the other
waiting for patterns that are as easy as those jelly roll race quilts?
Check out this link.
A little reminder......
March 7th is coming fast
Make sure you pop over to Angie's website 
for her free download 
You never know when you will need to make
a little boy's quilt

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